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Your cat needs some variety in its diet as well as a tasty treat or two. Vitakraft Cat Liquid Snack with Chicken & Taurine is a delicious liquid snack which your cat can enjoy any time. Each packet contains 6 individual portions which can be fed on its own as a treat or together with dry food to encourage your pet to eat the dry food. The snacks are low in calories and do not contain artificial colours or preservatives. But these snacks are not just a tasty treat, they also have an added benefit. They are enriched with taurine with encourages healthy vision and cardiac function . Cat Liquid Snack from Vitakraft - a tasty, healthy treat.

Cat Liquid Snack with Chicken & Taurine

  • Delicious taste of chicken
  • With beneficial taurine to encourage healthy eyes and heart
  • Low calorie
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Handy individual portions so your cat can enjoy a fresh, tasty treat every day


Cat Liquid Snack with Chicken & Taurine from Vitakraft – the delicous liquid snack.

Cat liquid Snack with Chicken & Taurine

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