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Yikes! No one wants to be around stinky dogs! Lucky for you, this shampoo neutralizes foul odors with a wash in the tub! Ahh … that's better.

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Whiff Dog Shampoo contains EOC (Extreme Odor Control) technology to eliminate dog odors while leaving your dog smelling clean and fruity fresh. Whiff Odor Control Shampoo is specifically for dogs with strong odors, including dogs that may have been in contact with skunks and other offensive smells. The shampoo comes in a fresh and fruity fragrance.

Key Benefits

  • This product is made to remove the toughest smells that can harbor in your pup's fur.
  • Patented EOC technology will help eliminate odors, even those that might come from being in contact with skunks.
  • Formulated to provide a deep clean and wash away debris. Great for any grooming regime.
  • Ideal for professional groomers and regular pet parents alike.
  • Long lasting fresh fruit scent will have your pup smelling fresh and clean.

fur so fresh whiff

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