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A Daily Diet For All Types Of Livebearers

A Scientific Diet For All Types Of Livebearers, Especially Guppies, Platies, Swordtail & Mollies.




Our proprietary technology helped us create a pellet that becomes soft quickly yet does not dissolve in water.

This highly palatable diet is one your fish will eagerly devour and the ingredients encapsulated in each pellet guarantees your pet will get the whole nutrient package, always.

The Micro-Coating™ eliminates nutrient leeching and water clouding.

Includes krill, a natural source of astaxanthin, which is easily synthesized and promotes vibrant color.

Contains seaweed, a natural source of iodine, which supports reproductive capacity.


Feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding.

We recommend Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy as a daily diet for

Guppies and other very small tropical fishes


Crude ProteinCrude FatCrude FiberMoistureAshPhosphorus
min. 50%min. 8.0%max. 2.0%max. 10%max. 18%min. 1.0%

Hikari Fancy Guppy 22g

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