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Salmon - an alternative protein source. The nutritional value of salmon is one of the most valuable and the fish is rich in minerals. It is very important that „Nature‘s Protection Mini Extra Salmon“ is made not from different kinds of fish but particularly from salmon. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are especially beneficial for the skin and coat of small breed dogs.


  • The main source of protein - high-quality salmon from Norway. 
  • Feed is rich in very useful Omega-3 fatty acids - ideal for keeping dog's skin healthy and coat nourished. 
  • Lots of probiotics / fiber (mannanoligosaccharides, sugar beets, chicory and yucca extract) that improve digestion. 
  • Contains marigold flowers, which have anti-inflammatory properties, so the food can strengthen your pet's immune system.
  • Contains L-carnitine, which can aid the body in burning fat, making the product a great choice for dogs that are overweight. 
  • Suitable for picky dogs, dogs with allergies and dogs with sensitive digestive system. 
  • Free of artificial colouring, aromas and by-products. 
  • Does not contain wheat, eggs or dairy products. 
  • Small granule – specially suited for dogs of small breeds. 

Mini Extra Salmon

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