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Plant care product for plant aquariums with few animals

  • Systemic care
  • With NPK for main supply
  • For aquarium plants


The main nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are very important for the healthy growth of aquatic plants.

While these substances are sufficiently available in aquariums with many fish via their waste and uneaten food, there is often an insufficient supply of macro nutrients in plant tanks with few or no animals. Poor plant growth is the result.

sera flore 4 plant was developed for supplying the aquatic plants in aquascapes and Dutch style aquariums with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in an optimal ratio - for healthy and strongly growing plants. sera flore 4 plant is well tolerated by all invertebrates.


Recommended dosage

Dose 1 – 5 ml flore 4 plant (depending on plant density) for every 20 liters (5.3 US gal.) of aquarium water daily or as required.

Sera Flore 4 Plant - 250ml

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