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Marine salt for R/O and tap water

Due to the excellent homogeneity and even grain size, sera marin salt quickly and without any residues dissolves into crystal clear marine water. It provides natural GH and KH levels, and contains plenty of calcium and magnesium in biologically correct amounts.

The pH value will precisely and reliably remain in the correct range due to the natural buffer system in sera marin salt. Due to a special process, sera marin salt contains the trace elements in a way that keeps them permanently in solution and thus keeps them available for a long time.

sera marin salt does not contain any substances that artificially stimulate protein skimmer activity. It is nitrate, silicate and phosphate free.


Recommended dosage

Dissolve in dechlorinated tap water or water purified by reverse osmosis [33 g/l (4.4 oz./US gal.)]. The salt can be used in the aquarium immediately after brief aeration and vigorous stirring. Use a hydrometer (density meter), refractometer or conductivity meter for adjusting the density (1.022 – 1.024 or 48 – 52 mS/cm). Avoid density variations during water changes and do not prepare concentrated solutions. Never dissolve sea salt directly in the aquarium but in a suitable plastic container! Recommended water change 5 – 10% per week for best results. Use sera aquatan for removing chlorine compounds from the tap water used for preparation, and regularly sera marin bio reefclear for improving the general environment.

Sera Marin Salt

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