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Appropriate variation with plenty of tasty gammarus


sera Raffy I Nature is the treat without dyes and preservatives consisting of natural, gently dried gammarus (87%), small fish and krill for terrapins and other (occasionally) carnivorous smaller reptiles as well as amphibians.

The blend, which represents the natural nutrition spectrum, is rich in optimally useable protein, omega fatty acids, valuable carotenoids, minerals and trace elements as well as in fibers that regulate digestion.

This attractive snack supports disease resistance, development and liveliness when fed regularly.


Compound feed for all terrapins


gammarus (87%), fish, krill.

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein 52.5%, Crude Fat 7.0%, Crude Fiber 6.0%, Moisture 8.4%, Crude Ash 18.3%, Ca 5.0%, P 1.2%.

Sera Raffy I Nature

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