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Vitamins for lively reptiles

sera Reptilin is the supplementary food consisting of a carefully manufactured, emulsified multivitamin concentrate for reptiles.

It effectively and safely adds all essential vitamins to the diet in an way that is easy to utilize, and thus protects against nutritionally caused deficiencies, which may lead to problems during skeleton and shell buildup, with the immune system and during skin shedding.

The tasty, liquid composition can easily be dripped onto the food or added to the drinking water. It is suitable for daily use.


Complementary feed for all reptiles


water, vitamin blend.


Vitamins and provitamins: Vit. A 1,000,000, Vit. B1 350, Vit. B2 1,000, Vit. B6 600, Vit. B12 4, Vit. C 7,500, Vit. D3 100,000, Vit. E 1,000, Vit. K 30, biotin 20, calcium-D-pantothenate 2,000, folic acid 160, nicotinamide 6,000.

Sera Reptilin Vitamins 15ml

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