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Sera Stingray Chips XXL For All Freshwater Stingray (3.8L) 1.7kg Sera Stingray Chips XXL is the staple food consisting of carefully processed chips for feeding bigger carnivorous fish such as stingray's throughout the year. The high percentage of omega fatty acids, easily digestible aquatic protein, minerals and vitamins covers the high energy requirements and strengthens disease resistance of the big carnivous.Proper development and a long, healthy life are supported.The extremely water stable chips sink down quickly.This allows the bottom oriented stingray to eat calmly without clouding the water.Feeding guide: Feed Sparingly once pr twice a day throughout the year, only as much as the fish take up within short time.Ingredients: Fish meal, Wheat flour, wheat germ meal, Ca-casseinate, corn starch, brewers yeast fish oil, mannan oligosaccharides (0.4%), green-lipped mussel meal, garlic

Sera Stingray Chips XXL

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