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  • Formulated using 100% natural high quality ingredients.
  • Enriched with proteins of animal origin – 89%.
  • Can help combat the problem of browning coat – the appropriate, transparent content of tear fluid is maintained due to a properly designed formula, balance of ingredients and high quality raw material, cat is protected from inflammatory processes.
  • Enriched with mineral “MicroZeoGen“ – dinamically micronized clinoptilolite  that can help remove toxic substances from the body and improve absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  • Enriched with borage oil and certified salmon oil which promotes optimal skin condition and contributes to a thick lustrous fur.
  • Pet food contains lots of taurine which is significant to bolster cardiac performance.
  • With dried calendula blossom, which contains lutein protecting cat‘s eyes from the negative environmental effects.
  • Contains DL-methionine which stimulates carotene formation, also it is essential for maintenance of white and lustrous coat.
  •  The extended amount of zinc, biotin and vitamin B complex maintains healthy skin, enhancing natural protective barriers of the body.
  • Does not contain any artificial colouring agents, flavouring agents and preservatives. 


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